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CA32 High Capacitance Wet Tantalum Capacitor
Product Name:CA32 High Capacitance Wet Tantalum Capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-55~+85°C
Working Voltage Range:10~125Vdc
Capacitance Range:100uF~6800uF
Load life:--
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Brief Introduction...                                                               
CA32 High Capacitance Wet Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors


*Using structure of multiple pellets in parallel connection.

*Characterized in stable and excellent electrical performances.

*High reliability, are suitable for DC or pulse circuits. 

*Meets the requirements of Q/NSL051-1995.

*More detail please see datasheet.

CA32 High Capacitance Wet Tantalum Capacitors

Rated Voltage: 10Vdc, 16Vdc, 25Vdc, 40Vdc, 63Vdc, 100Vdc,125Vdc.
Rated Capacitance: 100uF, 150uF, 220uF, 330uF, 470uF, 680uF, 1000uF, 1500uF, 2200uF, 3300uF, 4700uF, 6800uF,

Other specification please contact us, custom made is available.