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2200pF 30KV High Voltage Film Capacitor
Product Name:2200pF 30KV High Voltage Film Capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-40~+85°C
Working Voltage Range:30KV DC
Capacitance Range:2200pF/2.2nF/0.0022uF
Load life:100000hours

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0.0022uF/2.2NF/2200pF 30KV DC High Voltage Film Capacitor

MX21 Series High Voltage Film Capacitors.
Specially for medical, laser, industry of  high voltage power supply.
Un: 4kVdc to 50kVdc, Cn:100pF to 30µF , high dv/dt, low cost.
Axial leaded/screw/Lug, polyester tape case, Round or Oval flat type.