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30-650pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Product Name:30-650pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Series:VVCC650/38/840 CWV4-650-0055
Operating Temperature Range°C:-40~+125°C
Working Voltage Range:38KV
Capacitance Range:30-650pF
Load life:--

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30-650pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor

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 Capacitance 30 - 650 pF
 RF Working Peak Voltage 38 KV
 RF Test Peak Voltage 55 KV
 Max.RF Current(rms) 840 A
 Max.Operating Torque(N.m) 2.2
 Rotation Turns 58
 Diameter 192 mm
 Height 456 mm
 Maximum Weight 20kg

Can Substituted Jennings CWV4-650-0055.

Tips of vacuum capacitors:

Mechanical Life 
The mechanical life of variable capacitors is related to length of stroke,speed of operation, bellows material, and total number of cycles. Extensive mechanical life tests have been run, operating units for complete cycles from maximum to minimum and back to maximum capacity covering 95% of the full stroke of the movable plates. Capacitors with a large bellows and a short stroke will have the greatest life expectancy under cycling operation. Our most recent models are rated for 1 million cycles, ideal for the semiconductor processing industry.

Application engineers can check your specific application to assure that the optimum capacitor is selected for your requirements.