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40~1300pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Product Name:40~1300pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Series:VVCC1300/35/796 CV3W-650FB/50
Operating Temperature Range°C:-40~+125°C
Working Voltage Range:35KV
Capacitance Range:40~1300pF
Load life:--

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40~1300pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor

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 Capacitance 40~1300pF
 RF Working Peak Voltage 35 KV
 RF Test Peak Voltage 50 KV
 Max.RF Current(rms) 796 A
 Max.Operating Torque(N.m) 1.5
 Rotation Turns 38
 Diameter 212 mm
 Height 546 mm
 Maximum Weight 19 kg

Can Substituted Jennings CV3W-650FB/50.

Tips of vacuum capacitors:

Quality Factor (Q) 
Extremely low losses occur in vacuum capacitors because of the vacuum dielectric, compact construction, and the use of low loss glass or ceramic envelopes as well as copper and precious metal solder construction.Consequently, vacuum capacitors are able to handle large RF currents at high RF frequencies that would destroy other types of capacitors. The "Q"factor, or ratio of stored energy to dissipated energy, is typically in theorder of 1000 or 5000 or higher.

Because Q is a function of frequency,capacity and E.S.R. (Equivalent Series Resistance), it is perhaps more meaningful to consider the value of E.S.R. In modern high power capacitor applications, E.S.R. is significant for determining cooling requirements. The slight loss results from the RF resistance in the copper. Based upon actual tests, the E.S.R. value in not effected by change in capacity, other parameters being fixed. The value of E.S.R. varies over a range of 5 to 20 milli ohms from 2.5 to 30MHz.