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100-1000pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Product Name:100-1000pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Series:VVCC1000/35/796 CV3W-1000JB/50
Operating Temperature Range°C:-40~+125°C
Working Voltage Range:35KV
Capacitance Range:100-1000pF
Load life:--

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30-650pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor

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 Capacitance 100-1000pF
 RF Working Peak Voltage 35 KV
 RF Test Peak Voltage 49 KV
 Max.RF Current(rms) 796 A
 Max.Operating Torque(N.m) 1.5
 Rotation Turns 26
 Diameter 212 mm
 Height 474 mm
 Maximum Weight 20 kg

Can Substituted Jennings CV3W-1000JB/50.

Tips of vacuum capacitors:

Torque/Direct Pull 
In variable capacitors, the linear sliding motion of the moving electrode assembly is converted to rotary tuning via a threaded shaft. The torque values given in the tables are the maximum torque needed to reach minimum capacitance when rotated with a standard lead screw; the torque required to tune away from minimum may be less than half this value.

For most variable capacitors, direct pulltuning is a possible alternative to rotary tuning. Maximum required pull forcevalues are also given in the tables.

Capacitance range end-stops are built intoevery variable capacitor. It is recommended that the user install his own stops to prevent damage from gear-reduction drives.

In addition, also offers several"Adjustable" capacitors which are designed to be operated as a fixed capacitor, but can be hand adjusted to any value within their range and  then locked in position with a locking nut.