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50-500pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Product Name:50-500pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Series:VVCC500/12/90 SCV-205G
Operating Temperature Range°C:-40~+125°C
Working Voltage Range:12KV
Capacitance Range:50-500pF
Load life:--

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50-500pF Variable Vacuum Capacitor

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 Capacitance 50-500pF
 RF Working Peak Voltage 12 KV
 RF Test Peak Voltage 16.8 KV
 Max.RF Current(rms) 724 A
 Max.Operating Torque(N.m) 0.25
 Rotation Turns 11
 Diameter 73 mm
 Height 140 mm
 Maximum Weight 1.4 kg

Can Substituted MEIDEN SCV-205G.

Tips of vacuum capacitors:

Automatic Shorting Feature 
A number of variable capacitors have been designed with an internal shorting device that shorts out the capacitor when it has been turned beyond maximum rated capacitance. This feature is useful for tuning antenna couplers withoutthe vacuum capacitor in the circuit and also serves as a reference point foradjusting the capacitor to a previously measured capacitance value.