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CA42 Radial Lead Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors
Product Name:CA42 Radial Lead Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors
Operating Temperature Range°C:-55~+125°C
Working Voltage Range:3~50Vdc
Capacitance Range:0.047uF~680uF
Load life:--
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CA42 Radial Lead Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors

Series sinter-anode, epoxy-coated solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors are encapsulated with flame-retardant yellow epoxy powder, marked with laser.

Meets and exceeds the requirements of IEC specification 384-15-3, IECQ specification QC300201/US0003 and technical specification SJ/T10856-96, used in military and civil applications such as TV sets, camcorders, computers, and program-controlled electronic telephone switching systems, telephones, instruments and meters.

RoHS Compliance & Lead Free Terminations.


● Operating temperature Range: -55C~+125C; >85C With rated voltage derating

● DC leakage at 25C: I0<0.01CRUR or 0.5uA (Whichever is greater)

● Capacitance range:0.047~680uF

● Capacitance tolerance: +/- 20%; +/- 10%; +/- 5%(for special order)

● Case sizes and dimensions temperature characteristics please see datasheet

CA42 Radial Lead Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors

Rated Voltage: 3Vdc,4Vdc,6.3Vdc, 10Vdc, 16Vdc, 25Vdc, 35Vdc, 50Vdc.
Rated Capacitance: 0.01uF,0.15uF,0.22uF, 0.33uF, 0.47uF, 0.68uF, 1.0uF, 1.5uF, 2.2uF, 3.3uF, 4.7uF, 6.8uF, 10uF, 15uF, 22uF, 33uF, 47uF, 68uF, 100uF, 150uF, 220uF, 330uF, 470uF,680uF, 1000uF.

Other specification please contact us, custom made is available.